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The Female Transgender of the North American Environment - A Primer Part 1

The Female Transgender of the North American environment is a sub-species of Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Although there is some controversy as to whether or not this group can be taxonomically differentiated from the said Sapiens species due to its sometimes aberrant and disestablishmentarian composure and behaviors, it should be assumed that these individuals are constitutionally indiscriminate from the typical human female.

This being said, the non-transgender varieties of the human species seek to separate this sub-group from their normal interactions by means of exclusion, humiliation, and the implementation of esoteric and apocryphal texts and and scriptures. However, the Female Transgender is generally immune to such attempts as she has endured such futile and boring attempts since typically the age of 13 or so. The Female Transgender is able to deflect said advances by means of humorous deflections and parries of wit. The typical human however is unaware of the defensive capacities of these means because of an inferior understanding of general witticisms and rhetorical devices. The typical human aggressor is convinced that his or her attacks have been successful, but the keen onlooker will notice the expression in the transgender’s face where the eyeballs rotate in a semi-circular fashion against the upper part of the ocular cavity, a reaction known as “rolling of the eyes.”

The female transgender tends to be a fastidious thinker and postulator of the highest acumen. She typically will seek to express these laboriously crafted thoughts and expositions by the employment of a “weblog” or “blog” on the medium of the World Wide Web.

The Transgender Female of the North American environment has often been labeled using various epithets such as “tranny” or “shemale.” It is aggressively advised that these labels not be used in the presence of this variety of the transgender, as they can engender fits of righteous rage and indignation that can have an intense deleterious effect on usually guilty bystanders. This is the first note in what will become a running theme so as to speak where the reader will note that the Female Transgender of the North American environment has many deadly and highly effective techniques for disabling and humiliating aggressors. It is best to treat this sub-species as “armed and dangerous” using the popular parlance.

Often one will be unable to correctly identify the transgender female because her appearance and method of speech and composure are completely similar to the other genetic females of the Homo Sapiens species. The typical designation for this situation is to ascribe the label of “stealth.” However, this label is not suitable in that science has said that she is perfectly similar to the genetic female except that she does not produce endogenous hormones and does not bleed profusely for days at a time from the vaginal cavity. Note, this is often seen as an advantage of the sub-species. However, using the aforementioned esoteric and apocryphal texts and scriptures the non-transgender members of the human species will try to prove that the transgender female is separate and constitutes a “false” or “imperfect” version of the non-transgender variety. All scientists, excluding those with counterfeit credentials, have proven this to be utterly false, and self-described activists are seeking to silence these claims as “shameful” and “harmful.”

This concludes our first installment of the description of the Female Transgender of the North American environment. I would like to leave the reader with an impression that this variety of transgender is quite extraordinary and tends to possess great skill and character. Her “adversaries” are oft to propagate the notion that she is “unskilled” and “perverted,” but this researcher has found just the opposite to be true. It would behoove the active, inquisitive researcher to seek out and befriend these individuals as they are possessive of great amounts of humor, intelligence, and general good will.

Next week we will address the issue of “Transgender Panic” and the unfortunate belief that this is a real phenomenon and not just a handy excuse for juvenile and dangerous behavior.

Have a wonderful week!