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The Conspiracy to Make Men Feminine and Weak!!!

OK, for some reason, I read Drudgereport today. Mostly for the lols. Drudge is now linking Alex Jones, noted conspiracy nut and general paranoia enthusiast. So I’m having fun reading about how Obama is a secret Hindu/Muslim. If this is true, I’m even more in love with him!

So there is this ad on his page that I’m watching right now basically detailing how men used to be super alpha-males and Charlton Heston impersonators. It really sounds like this guy:

Frank T.J. Mackey in Magnolia

Now this video is saying that wifi radiation kills sperm and that Cortisol is the “death hormone” (wrong! You die without it!).

I think men are having a total freakout because they are losing power to women in society. Guys, you have to adapt or die. You can’t scramble back to the past! Embrace your femininity. The reason that you are losing power is not because your balls are shrinking from fluoride in the water! The reason is because you are not listening to the still, small voice in your head that tells you what skills you need to compete in a world filled with empowered women.

I know I’m just about the most extreme example of a “man” embracing his femininity, but I feel so much more empowered because of it. I used to believe in this conspiracy mumbo-jumbo before I learned to stop caring and love the bomb. Don’t fight it! I think trans guys are the perfect antidote to this nonsensical thinking. They are pumped up with testosterone, and yet, I suspect most are pretty much in touch with their feminine side.

Oh. My. God. You don’t have to be a stereotype to be happy!

I would love to hear some trans-male perspectives out there.

Love you all.