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Risk to Same-Sex Marriage "Very Great" in Supreme Court →

From the article:

The Prop. 8 case argues something much broader, however: It claims there is a fundamental right to same-sex marriage in the Constitution, and that any attempt to ban same-sex marriage violates the 14th Amendment. The Ninth Circuit’s ruling was written so narrowly that if the Supreme Court had decided not to take the case, then the Ninth Circuit’s decision would have affirmed the rights of same-sex couples in California alone. But if SCOTUS were to affirm the constitutionality of California’s ban on same-sex marriage, the ruling could well apply to any such law nationwide.

The court could side with marriage equality in one case, but render discrimination constitutional in another.

Not only that, the American Prospect’s Gabriel Arana wrote in 2009 that “defeat could legitimize such discrimination against LGBT Americans, making it far more difficult to sue for parental or housing rights.”

I was more hoping that a positive decision on Prop 8 would just be a specific ruling on California’s people voting to restrict specific, court-determined rights from a minority group. Maybe, however, the time is right for a referendum on Gay Marriage. Time and fate will tell, with what happens here.