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SRS, GRS, GCS, ABC, XYZ or Three Cheers for Vaginoplasty

So I’m going to start the process of picking a surgeon and prepping for my SRS. Lol, I don’t have a problem with the acronym SRS, because I think the surgeons are changing sexual characteristics and not gender characteristics, and I’m pretty much a big scientific stickler. But whatever you want to call it, be my guest. I guess I’m a bit of a language traditionalist too, even though ending sentences with prepositions, I don’t know what that’s about.

My situation is a little odd and special, because my work pays for 90% of my surgery. And, I’ve definitely thought this through. By the time of the snip, I’ll have had almost two years of very intense thought about it.

I’ll need all of you guys to get through it! I don’t write this thing because I love the sound of my keyboard.

Anyone know how far out you have to start preparing and nailing down dates and such? I know you have to get some specific electrolysis downstairs beforehand. I’m just getting the ball rolling here. I need something like this to get me motivated.

Where are the best surgeons? I guess I can get it done in LA because I have family near there. I’ll have to start saving up what vacation I have.

Three cheers for vaginoplasty!