i die in the end

Trans of the world unite!

We proud, we trans, unite in solidarity, to say today, that come what may, and May will come, we’ll rise up from the binds of hate to set the show, ameliorate, the petty Dicks who bully us because they love the sullying lust, and sell their 15th rate screed to whatever fat mouths they can feed. The worse than petty tyrants touting tawdry truths like “he can choose” can take their sadness elsewhere. We’ve had enough of bullshit love like Merry Christmas yesterday you freak. From TV’s gleam come “man in dress routines” laced with lace from some odd con. The devious, menacing Judenfrei theme that paints a hopeless fallacy of manliness, means, to take us back to fucking 1760 for fuck’s sake. Pause.

What the fuck is this stupid dream that we should all be Don Draper. Do they even watch that boring TV show? ;) Nobody wants to go back to this vapid Valhalla of fiction that was the 50’s which will not fucking die. Nobody wants to live like June and Ward Cleaver, ever again. And if you insist on believing in this tilted windmill, fine, but do it on a compound or something. You’ll “feel” safer. We’ll actually be safer, and it’s a positive fucking sum game. Happy, happy.

You’re just totally wrong. Nobody’s allowed to say it to your stupid faces because everyone’s all brainwashed by media and chemicals, but we don’t have the luxury of being brainwashed. Instead we get to watch from a window like at a car wash thinking, what in the hell are you using the no touch wash for? You need a deep scrubbin, fool. We have had to watch your stupidity for basically forever in Western civilization, or at least for the last 500 years give our take.

Now if you would just keep quiet about us fringe people over here in the fucking shittiest drawer: taboo, we might have been able to work this out. But, you’ve been going through this drawer as of late, and you’ve let a few innocent men and women go. Cool! You probably feel proud about yourself. Well the thing about this whole civil rights thingy is that “injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.” So if you don’t use the word faggot, don’t use the word tranny. Deal? Good.

So, as of late, we won’t take the hate. We are a deeply proud people who have braved more than you could even imagine, and we are still here. You’ve tried to rub us out, and that’s why 41% of my brothers and sisters, young and old attempt suicide in their lifetimes. Forty one fucking percent. Let’s break that down with a little reality for a second. If 41% attempt suicide, how many succeed? Better yet, if 41% attempt, how many people will think about it in their heads at one point? Do you know what the percent attempt rate for the general population is? Oh about 1-2% that’s not really a huge differ…

So transgender people are dropping like flies at an epidemic, or even endemic, rate, and where is the uproar? Ok so we have a DSM IV and V defined condition verified by psychiatrists, endocrinologists, therapists, cosmologists… well not that last one yet, but everyone agrees that it’s a condition besides the Bachmann sisters up in Michigan. Aaaaand, our insurance doesn’t cover it. MOST insurance policies do not explicitly cover transgender services, however in fulldisclosure, my company does, and I love them to death for it. Hey companies, want bright, intelligent, and hardworking people to work for your company and be fiercely loyal? Oh, your 32 year old pastor disapproves? Bummer…

We have been building our pride slowly waiting for things to get better. Well, you know what? I live in Portland, Oregon now, and here’s another thing I love to death. These people all think you’re wrong too. They like us. They respect us. They compliment our scarves for fucks sake. It’s over. No more vomiting on TV after the character finds out he slept with a trans woman. No more making jokes about women with Adam’s Apples (most played out joke ever). How about you just treat us like you want to be treated yourselves? you hypocrites.

So keep on laughing, but we’re locking arms boy, girl, genderqueer, allies. All of us. So just be prepared to get challenged when you open your stupid, ignorant mouth and say something you heard on the idiot box. We’re here. We’re trans. We’re queer. We’re allies. Get fucking used to it.