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Transgender Man Featured On VH1 Reality TV Show →

On the latest episode of VH1’s “I’m Married To A…” Scott, a transgender man and his partner Jessica are featured. Scott is a performer who travels doing a one man show that highlights his transition.

    This is such a perfect video, you have to go and watch it. Oh and usually the comments on HuffPo are whatever, but this one really nailed it in response to the question of why do trans people feel the need to tell everyone they’re trans:


    via Purple Flag.

    Yes, we do want more than two genders, because there are more than two. Three officially recognized genders would be a good start. Five would be better, and seven would be enough for detailed surveys.

    We tell people we are trans because we want to get rights. We’ll not get rights by hiding. Some trans people don’t even have the right to hide, because insurance won’t recognize the need for hormones and surgery, or they don’t have insurance, or they can’t legally get the sex marker changed on their ID. Yeah, some people are so uncomfortable with who they were forced to be that they want to forget it, but not all are actually capable of doing so; for many others, it’s a part of what shaped our personalities and empathy.

    Scott and Jessica are a hetero couple. You’ve got that right.

    And yes, trans* does not equal gay, and trans* erasure is a problem—a big problem. You want to be happy about gay people getting married, but you’re also like: “Can you please work on making it so that trans* people have less than a 1-in-12 chance of getting murdered? Can you please help make it so nonbinary genders are legally recognized? Can you work on getting mandates for insurance companies to cover trans* healthcare: both transition care and also appropriate care for nonbinary post-transition bodies? Can you help us make it easier to get paperwork changed?”

    And everyone thinks it’s all gay rights and all about marriage.