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"Lifestyle"s of the Dense and Fatuous


So I’ve had some fun recently dealing with my ex’s lawyer over money and nonsense. We’ll call her D to be nice. Well, when I go on and tell Ms. D that this whole charade is over the top stupid, she hits me with a little “well when we’re dealing with people that live your lifestyle.”

So basically, because of my “lifestyle” (being transgender) we had to have this whole crazy circus tent of a divorce and custody battle. Neat. Well D, first let’s talk about what the word lifestyle means and how it gives me a little keyhole peak into that rat’s nest brain of yours.

When you say that being transgender is a “lifestyle” you are essentially saying that I just enjoy wearing women’s clothes because they’re super cool and neat, or something. So, I went through all I went through with all of the horrible negativity being heaped my way because I wanted to live this “lifestyle?” Yeah, that’s kind of silly talk.

Never mind the fact that people who have way more education and authority than you have classified Gender Dysphoria as a real pathology that can be cured by means of transitioning from one gender to the other. They have this neato book called the DSM-V coming out which, being a lawyer, I’d hope you would have heard of. It’s all very scientific, whereas your flippant use of the word “lifestyle” really borders on ignorant bigotry.

See, gender identity and sexual preference are not “lifestyle” choices. Being a third rate, ambulance chasing lawyer with a bad weave is a lifestyle choice. Do you see the difference? One of those things is hard coded and cannot be changed. The other is something you chose.

My actual “lifestyle” is that of a successful systems engineer, musician, and artist.

Good thing we cleared all this up.