Words go here that are supposed to inspire you to be awesome. [But You Already Are!]


The Baby Boomers have some explaining to do. They seriously fucked up this country. I’m sorry, it’s neat that we don’t lynch black people anymore and the music is better, but they handed their children a big heaping, stinking pile of political crap. They danced around in the sixties pretending to be revolutionaries but when the shit hit the fan they cowered like a bunch of scared sheep. I really think their parents’ generation would be ashamed of how the boomers turned out.

The parents of the boomers had to deal with the 30s and WWII. That is some serious shit.

To be fair, things are somewhat better in certain parts of the country than they were in the sixties, but the massive debt load and military industrial complex AND drug war/prison industrial complex are not going away anytime soon, and we have to clean up your mess as you age away watching reruns of The Cosby Show.

I think our generation might pull it together, but you sure left a fucking mess behind.