Words go here that are supposed to inspire you to be awesome. [But You Already Are!]

You wanna know why I sound crazy as of late?

A big damn part of it is that I wasn’t drinking alcohol. Sober. Alcohol is more powerful than you people understand. It sneaks in and corrupts. Alcohol is Soma. Alcohol is your poison. I guess we needed a couple centuries to reverse the polarization on the mantra that “religion is the opiate of the masses.” It turns out now that, actually, opium is the opiate of the masses. How clever of the devil to hide behind his own face.

Alcohol and drugs are not evil. They are tools. They are scripts. Human beings are computers. We have an operating system which is consciousness. Consciousness is better than Mac or PC or Android or Ubuntu or BeOS or Slackware (I’m milking the metaphor for all its worth). Consciousness is pure and simple. One Hundred Percent Human. We’ve been writing this open source code for hundreds of thousands of years. Before there was Wikipedia.com there was the smart one over there. And if you think Wikipedia or Linux or the Internet is cool, you have no fucking idea what’s in store for you next, but…