On Europa, we don’t take sex so seriously. You humans are way uptight about it. We’re alive! And we get to have sex! So we just enjoy it. What’s the big deal? Life is about having fun. That’s what all us aliens are doing anyways. You humans must have good reasons for being so uptight all the time. Maybe it’s the gluten. I dunno.

This chick knows what she’s talking about. I’d follow her if I were you.

Europa Sunset by Toria Saint James | Indiegogo    →

Hey friends and followers, I need your attention! I’m on day 3 of my crowdfunding adventure, and I’ve made a few changes to get the ball rolling. My next album Standard Deviation by Europa Sunset is now available for pre-order for only $10. Only $10! Can you believe it? I mean a fully produced digital download album from inter-stellar mega-star Toria Saint James for less than the price of lunch. Come on now. That’s crazy town ridiculous!

So click on over to Toria’s Indiegogo page below and pre-order now!

I’m Toria Saint James from Europa Sunset. Trans Girls Rock!


EDIT: I have a new Indiegogo page here! And I have a new Facebook pagehere. Check them out!! :)

I’m tired of all the motherfuckers that want to bring people down just to steal all of their life energy. It’s time for a revolution, and I ain’t afraid of shit. Women have been oppressed for too fucking long, and it’s time for a little comeuppance. Women are here to take back their rightful position on the throne.

I’m an engineer, a poet, a singer, a songwriter, a guitarist, a philosopher, an economist, a body, a mind, and a soul. They can’t tell me shit. Fucking bring it…

Oh, but I can smile too :). I’m here to worship, be worshiped, rock, fuck, and smile. Oh and I’m transgender too. How bout them apples.

I’m Toria Saint James. I have a new band called Europa Sunset. I wrote, played, recorded, produced all of the music and videos. Check out my YouTube page here! is my blog.

Love will win. The queers are here to fix this broken world.