- Lunatic with a knife gets shot i the leg by Swedish police →

This is what happens in civilized countries. The United States of America is no longer a first world country. It is now a reckless, semi-fascist police state. I am probably being watched because I am saying things like this.

This shows footage of a police officer shooting and killing a young black man with no provocation because he stole two sodas.

St. Louis Police Release Video Of Kajieme Powell Killing That Appears At Odds With Their Story

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department released cell phone footage Wednesday of the police shooting of Kajieme Powell, a 25-year-old black man killed on Tuesday in St. Louis, according to St. Louis Public Radio.

A convenience store owner called 911 on Tuesday when he suspected Powell stole drinks and donuts from his shop, according to a recording of the call. Another woman called to report Powell was acting erratically and had a knife in his pocket.

Two officers in a police SUV responded to the calls, the cell phone video shows. When the officers got out of their vehicle, Powell walked in their direction, yelling and telling them to shoot him already.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said Tuesday that both of the officers opened fire on Powell when he came within a three or four feet of them holding a knife “in an overhand grip.”

But the newly released cell phone footage undermines the statement, showing Powell approaching the cops, but not coming as close as was reported, with his hands at his side. The officers began shooting within 15 seconds of their arrival, hitting Powell with a barrage of bullets.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department released the video and 911 calls, telling St. Louis Public Radio that it plans to act transparently.

The shooting death occurred less than four miles from where Michael Brown was fatally shot by a police officer in the suburb of Ferguson on Aug. 9.

These are times

These are times when black is blocked
These are times when rent is laughed
These are times when hate is HOW!
These are times when love is NOW!
These are times when peace is flying
These are times when God is lying
These are times when Fuck is verse
These are times when bring the herse
So go motherfucker

Yet let the dove of peace whose only plan was just to rest,
on Micheal’s wings,
go free
and shepherd this poor pawn
to her hot home
and bosom native aviary

Kinsey Institute study says straight women have fewest orgasms, straight men have most →

Researchers from the Kinsey Institute conducted a study in the interest of understanding orgasm variation as it relates to sexual orientation and concluded that heterosexual women are the least likely to experience orgasms. They collected data from a total of 6,151 single men and women between the ages of 21 and 65 by means of an internet questionnaire and finally eliminated the sample size to a total of 2,850 who had participated in sexual activity in the previous year leading up to the experiment. “The current study confirms existing findings and advances our understanding of orgasm occurrence among men and women across self-identified sexual orientation categories.” More than seven percent of heterosexual women, or 86 of the survey respondents, suffer from aorgasmica, reporting never reaching orgasm.


I am feeling incredibly blessed today. This is the start of something good…

Do you remember?

I want my grandchildren to ask me with eyes wide “what was it like to live in the teens?!”

Because we’re taking this country back. And we’re gonna have a fucking good time!


I’m developing a new system of energetic health principles. We all have an aura around our body, but most people can’t see, hear, taste, or breathe it. I’ve attuned my brain like a radio receiver to the right frequencies in order to pick up this strange energy. And I can help you do it to.

One simple thing you can do today is put your hands as high above your head as you can for about five minutes. This puts your hands, which are very dynamic energy centers, at the top of your spherical Aura. This will allow your body to start working on your Aura at the crown, where the life flows in.

Imagine that you are a mango. Your body is the nut in the middle, and your Aura is the fruit part around it. I slowly have become aware of it, and I can push and feel it. But I have attained a high level of consciousness. It does not happen overnight. You must follow the right path and seek the good ways to get here.

People Said i was Crazy

I had some crazy wavy, ooky dookie thoughts over the last few years. I’ve had mad and blissful thoughts of love and understanding and transcendence. And I had to go and think them didn’t I? Well now they’re loose in the collective consciousness, the morphic field as some would say, and they’re spreading. But those ideas didn’t come from me. I’m just a powerful amplifier. I figured out how to beam out crazy amounts of love/knowledge into the morphic field, and you can too! When you do it, you can feel the energy leaving your hands and chest.

And you’ll say I’m crazy too. But I’m gonna keep on whistling my tune…

Peace. Love. Understanding. Tolerance. Joy. Acceptance. Education. Transcendence. Etc…