The World is unraveling one thread at a time

Death Worship

When you put all of your focus on not-dying to the point of thinking about safety and security all day long with this Orwellian meta-cognizance, you are in effect worshipping death. And do you know what death is? A zero. A null. There is no reason to worship death. Death worship is unfullfilling. But it is still worship.

I don’t have this problem. I let life come at me knowing that events don’t just happen randomly, and the idea of controlling reality is ludicrous beyond hubris. There is a natural ordering force in the universe that keeps living beings from exploding into chaos at any moment. Do you realize how many millions of little decisions got made in your body today to keep your metabolism going? And they all just went perfectly meanwhile you’re probably doing your best to sabotage them.

My point here is that death cannot be avoided, logically. Even if we slow down aging, a piano can still fall on your head. So don’t go crazy with the security. Also, death is not the end; it’s the turn of the page. Ok?


Worship something better. Like life! And living and joy and smiling. Take the time you were going to worry and fret about everything not turning out perfect or possibly exploding, and find something that makes you happy. The world was created for your happiness! Well, maybe it was evolution that spent 3 billion years slaving away at the desk so that you would be perfect for this world.

And that makes me smile.

Change! Look out!

The speed of travel has increased by 1,000% percent since 1900. The speed of communication has increased by 1,000,000% since 1900. If you aren’t flexible to change, you will be left behind.

Things have already changed since I posted this. Some new technology or idea has been released that has made the world of this post obsolete.

My Two Year Anniversary Recap


   Things are on the upswing for me! Finally. I was so naive when I started my transition. You can’t blame me for a lot of it. You see the naked truth about people when you come out as trans. It’s such a litmus test. Trans acceptance is going to be a real watershed event for Western society if and when it happens (I think it will). It’s one of those things that’s really hard for people to put into their nice little neat boxes. Anyway, I digress.

   I’ll be two years old on September 1st. To quote the late Jerry Garcia, what a long strange trip it’s been. And it’s only getting started! I feel so invigorated and full of life after living as a walking shell for thirty years. When I first started “waking up” I looked at my male wardrobe, and it was all grey and blue and bland, the perfect metaphor for where I was. I was just trying to disappear, never should anyone know what lurked beneath the surface, including me!

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