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This Is Why Trans People Rarely Speak Up When We're Misgendered →

Some tweets were supportive. Some were accusations that I’d made the whole thing up. Most of them were vile messages about how I am a man and a disgusting freak who would be better off dead. The number of death threats and dehumanizing comments I received was unbelievable. Being misgendered at Eurogamer was nothing compared with my punishment for speaking up about it. This is why trans people rarely speak up when these things happen. People tracked down my phone number. Hate flooded my work inbox. I had people threatening to track me down in person and attack me. People found my old identity and began to try to publicize it. I faced the darkest aspects of the Internet just for existing and speaking up.

I’ll speak up. I don’t care. Yeah we’re fighting a battle here. People are dying. Our people are being attacked left and right and pushed to suicide. Well if that makes me some sort of martyr I don’t care. I know love is on my side, and ignorant hate is on their side. These people hate themselves. They are sad and lonely, and they turn to hate as a quick fix for their problems. It is a poisonous salve that slowly turns them into the Gollums that they thought they were attacking. I am sad because they are sad. Their hate is the futile, pathetic whimpering of a sick animal.