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Just Another Brick in the Wal-Mart

In addition to “Don’t Shop on Thanksgiving Day!" DO NOT shop at Wal-Mart this weekend. You are shooting yourself in the foot when you do. Wal-Mart workers are underpaid and therefore must rely on social services to meet their basic needs. So when you save $2 on 100 rolls of toilet paper, you’re sending that $2 to Bentonville Arkansas so that the Fat Cat Waltons can have gold plated litter boxes or whatever insults to society they can think up. Go to a place like Costco which believes in paying their workers a liveable wage with benefits. Capitalism is not always the “lowest common denominator.” Sadly, sometimes when you pay for goods the good old fashioned American way in a free market, the merchant might just be a giant douchebag. Plain and simple.