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Some Roundabout Happenstances that Occured When I was Thoroughly Distracted

I was up all night
loudly pounding on my keyboard
to make some phony paper I had to write
for my Master’s degree
every now and again,
I had to have some goddamn music
to cure the old-fashioned

But after a while, I just said
fuck it
I need some silence!

So I put the machine on silent.
So I could at least concentrate!

And I finished the paper
a long time ago.
And I even switched computers
Because I have two.
Don’t ask why.

So after all the pomp and circumstantial choices
I had to use the old bird computer.
And I popped that heavier than thou laptop
on my chest, to write

And, my ornery soul said:
"It’s way too quiet in here!
I need some music!”

And this clam was never dead!
I hit the magic sound button
and out I heard old Vince Guaraldi playing the piano
like he’d been playing all night
singing notes on his piano

That I fucking want to sing!

Hey, but it sounds pretty good,
so I gotta save this shit.
Pretty soon when the digital muses go wandering away
And Vince closes the fallboard

All at back come the noises everyone is used to.