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Feminism is Dead


I’m supposed to believe that we live in a country with a vibrant feminist presence, but the realities of this generation speak volumes to the contrary. I stopped watching TV in large part because I wanted to throw a gender neutral brick at my TV screen whenever I saw something like The Kardashians. I was especially nauseated when I saw women I knew watching raptly in a haze of consumer hypnosis.

The message being advertised by this kind of programming is poison. There is no redeeming value to it at all. The primary message is that women are largely just brain-dead objects to be ogled and occasionally laughed at for their obvious deficiencies. Reality show “stars” like this have zero skills. They are curious quirks of the cosmic stew in that their parents were rich. Who else has this kind of distinction? Oh yes, monarchs. And this is 2013, and the monarchy is on life support, thankfully. Royalty is and was a disease that wrought indescribable terror upon the world. It will be many more centuries before much of the world can cleanse itself of the colonial wreckage that was largely helmed by worthless figureheads with gaudy robes.

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Women as Objects,

Being trans is hard. Being a woman is hard. Which is harder? I’m not sure, but I’m sure sick of trying to figure it out.


It makes me sick to my stomach. What happened? We’re worse than the 1950’s in many respects.


I don’t watch TV or most movies anymore. I also don’t enjoy swallowing poison. I’m two for two! Do I reinforce this system by getting vaginoplasty? I don’t know. There is so much pressure to buy into the binary and glorification of male desires. I will really find it difficult to move back to LA, ground zero of this phenomenon.

Shaking. My. Head. I want to scream! Ugly and fat men can openly call women fat and ugly with no irony whatsoever. Women aren’t supposed to use the word irony either; that would be far too uppity, and she would definitely be labeled as an annoying lesbian who needs a makeover, starting with her mouth and attitude.

I hope the next generation is mad as hell, but I’m not optimistic. Young girls would rather be in rap videos than in positions of power in business or politics.


I think we need a woman president. These men are … yeah …

Actually, our representation across the board for women is poor in America. It’s still a male chauvinistic, sexist, paternalistic mess out there.