Live Out of line!

TSA Body Scanners are Transphobic!

So if you’ve flown in the past year or two, you know about the body scanners. They basically take a low radiation scan of your body to see if you are hiding anything. Well, there is a Male (blue) and Female (pink) button for the operator to push when you walk in the middle. The first time I did it, they did female as requested. I set off the alerts! Well, maybe I don’t have the “perfect" female body, but…

I think the Body Scanners are transphobic! Robot Overlords I’m looking in your direction! We need a purple trans button!

Just request a pat down. They actually do a good job with trans people from my experience. 

Off I go to California tomorrow. I’ll give the body scanners stink eye for all of us.

We’re all going to be famous someday!!* [some restrictions may apply]

I’ve posted 1,333 times in 14 months. Who says I don’t have a life?! Oh yeah, I’m the one that says it. <sad face>

Well, we’re going to have to do something about that! From now on I only post from Starbucks, in the corner, alone. But then I’ll have a life right? 

Maybe if I post from a dance club, in the corner, alone, I’ll have a life! 

This doesn’t seem to be going anywhere…

When is the time going to arrive when transgender people are worshipped? I’m hoping next week. I have an outfit picked out and everything. I even have the special wave thingie down. Bring on the fame!!

Responses to “Transgender people don’t have a sense of humor"

istandonsnowpiles said: Hey, we do too! I’ve got one right now!

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Pretzel who?

Why is this bag of pretzels still full? Nom nom nom


evangale said: Really?  You won’t find any folks with a bigger sense of humor than myself. And I am very certainly transgender.


betsumei said: Is this your way of saying you don’t like my jokes?


crazyqueerclassicist said: Well, either you’re being infinitely ironic or I’m not a *real* trans* person.


 uberdoll said: We do, but you have to be looking at us in a certain light, just right, while taking a knee and humming “ding-dong the witch is dead’ whilst your hands are on your hips.


chuck_fu said: I have a really snotty sense of humour. But after living in my fake body for 51 years I’m pretty pissed off sometimes. It’s still rather a stereotype as far as the comment seems. You want to see some pissed off TG’s? I tried to do a backstage photo shoot of some trans ladies in about 1983 when I was in photog school. OUCH!